Stage Labor

In-House Production is a full-service entertainment labor provider. We can provide the labor you need to Install, Show Run and Strike your production, for a few days or long term. We offer a full roster of skilled IATSE Union labor, including all labor needed for theatrical stage, events, and trade shows, convention installations, film and movies, stagehands, ironworkers, and drafting personal for AutoCAD and 3D layouts.

Our labor is qualified and trained for the position they perform. We provide continuing training and certification for our technicians. We have the largest group of certified, qualified and talented labor available.

We offer the following qualified and skilled positions. Availability may depend on location.



Audio Technicians

Riggers / Flymen

Automation Technicians

Wardrobe Technicians

Production Assistants

Film Industry

Audio-Visual Technicians

Camera Operators

Projection Operators

If you have any questions as to what qualified labor will work for your event, give one of our In-House Production Labor Specialist a call Toll Free (888) 631-4748 or email us at